Become a Minder

Do you Love Dogs?

If you do, why not consider minding a dog in your home for a fellow dog lover.

The main requirement to becoming a Minder is a great love of dogs!

You must allow the dogs inside and be treated as part of the family.

Your backyard must be safe for dogs and very secure.

You can own a dog but he/she must be very social with both people and other dogs.

We would need to come out to your home to meet with you.

Why not get paid to do something you enjoy.

If you would like to apply to become a Minder please fill out the below form.  If you have any questions, give us a call on 1800 646 337 or email:

Become a Minder Today!

Minder Application Form

Your Details

Dog Lover

Will you Allow the customer's dog/s inside?
Do you have an undercover area for the dog when they are outside?
Where will they spend most of the day?
Where will the customer’s dog be able to sleep??


Will you be able to brush the dog and make sure it is clean before it goes home?


Will you be able to walk the dog daily?
Will you be able to play with the dog daily? (throw a ball etc)?


Have you had at least 1 years experience with dogs?
Are you over 18 years of age?
Would you be able to give basic first aid to a dog?

About your dogs

Do you have a dog? (If YES fill in the following details about your dog/s)?
List your dog's Name(s), Breed(s) and Age(s)
Are they desexed?
Are they social with people & other dogs?
Are they flea & tick treated regularly?
Are they vaccinated annually?


Do you work outside of the home?
If you work outside the home how many hours per week do you work and on what days?
Are you able to return calls or emails within one business day?
Would you prefer us to contact you about bookings via phone or email


Would our customers find you friendly, helpful & responsible?

About your Home

Are you Renting?
If renting to do have permission from your landlord to mind dogs?
Is your home clean & tidy?
Is your backyard neat & tidy? (It should not be overgrown, no snail pellets, no fertilizer bags or other dangerous chemicals and no dangerous objects)?
Do you have children living at home?
If you have children living at home please list their ages
Who else lives with you at the residence and are they okay with you minding dogs?


Are all your fences and gates secure?
Do you have a pool?
If you have a pool is it fully fenced?

Your Minding Preferences

What size dog (you can list more than one)?

Are there any breeds you prefer to mind?
Are there any breeds you prefer NOT to mind?
What ages? (you can list more than one)

What activity level? (you can list more than one)

Other Pets

Other than your dog/s, list any other pets?

Please let us know why you would love to be a TopDog Minder?