Blog author Wendy Thomson is the owner and managing director of TopDog Minders. She is also a certified Dog Behaviourist and Obedience Instructor. She has been training dogs for over 35 years and has trained dogs from Companion Dogs (CD) to Utility Dog (UD) standard. She has also participated in Retrieving trials and been on the working dog committee of the Golden Retriever Club of Vic. Most of all she feels very fortunate that her great love and passion for all things involving dogs, includes her current business she started in 2005 and before that in another similar business as a partner in 2003. Wendy would be only too happy to help with any dog behavioural problems or obedience problems you might have. You can email Wendy at:

Exercise Ideas For Dogs

Every dog needs exercise to ensure that they are fit, healthy and happy. The amount of exercise will depend on your dog’s breed and temperament. No matter how much exercise your dog needs, you’ll find some great exercise ideas in this article.

Why dogs have behaviour problems

Dog behaviour problems can be an enormous source of stress for your family and indeed, your entire neighbourhood! Find out why they happen so that you can ‘nip’ dog behaviour problems in the bud.

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